Top 5 reasons to live in Brookhaven





you’re really about as close as you can get to the City of Atlanta without having to pay the escalating costs of Fulton County and City of Atlanta taxes. You’re within a couple miles of the main thoroughfares such as GA400, I285, and I85, making any commute within reach. By the way, if you’re commuting north, you actually go against traffic in the morning and afternoon!

Lifestyle/Sense of Community

these days “local” is hot. Nowhere is more “local” than Brookhaven. With local shopping, restaurants, and businesses sprouting up everywhere along Peachtree Road in Town Brookhaven and Village Place Brookhaven, Brookhaven has become its own little community. The area enjoys wonderful festivals throughout the year such as the Brookhaven Arts Festival, the Brookhaven Beer Festival, and the Brookhaven Chili Cookoff. Gone are the days of piggybacking on Buckhead or Dunwoody and Sandy Springs for culture, entertainment and services. Now with a new city, Brookhaven has it’s on police presence, which is constantly visible and creates an overwhelming sense of security. When I asked past clients why they chose Brookhaven, the responses were “fun,” “vibe,” and “energy.” Live, work, play has taken on a true meaning here, where you really have everything you need. There is no need to leave!

Silver Lake and Murphey Candler Lake

Where else can you have a lake in the middle of the city? Well, we have two here. Silver Lake, the manmade lake that is nestled in between the Brookhaven neighborhoods of Cambridge Park, Hampton Hall, Brittany and Oglethorpe Estates, has been a hallmark for the area for over 100 years. The lake served as Atlanta’s first large-scale bird sanctuary, and it was once purchased in 1927 by William Randolph Hearst before being gifted to Oglethorpe University. Representing some of the highest priced real estate in the area, buyers still clamor for anything close to the renowned Brittany Club, which flaunts the area’s best swim/tennis amenities. Murphey Candler Park is a 135 acre multi use park home to another manmade lake created in the 1950’s where visitors will enjoy walking/running trails, adorable mallards to feed, and a wonderful community sports and recreation program operating organized baseball, softball, and football operations for the community’s youth. Having spent time here with my own children, I consider the youth sports program at Murphey Candler Park to be competitive but compassionate. It’s a welcoming place for all.


While maybe not for long, Brookhaven is seen as a tremendous bargain versus the Buckhead’s and Decatur’s of Atlanta’s intown. Again, you’re about as close as you can get to the City of Atlanta without having to pay for it, which has been the draw to Brookhaven for years. Some might say that we are finally growing into our own here in Brookhaven. Real estate demand continues to increase, which is surely bringing up the prices, but you have to

Peachtree DeKalb Airport

You may hear complaints about traffic in Atlanta. Perhaps there is nowhere more difficult to get to in rush hour from virtually anywhere in our great metro Atlanta area than the airport. Yes, of course, there is the MARTA mass transit station in the middle of Brookhaven, which will get you to the airport in a cool 30-45 minutes by rail, but otherwise it can be a challenge by car with traffic. Having said all that, not many areas can brag that they have their own commuter airport in their backyard. Although not technically considered Brookhaven, PDK is on the border of the City of Brookhaven, and it’s convenience and amenities can’t be denied. Originally part of a World War I training facility called Camp Gordon followed by a stint as Naval Air Station Atlanta during World War II, this 745 acre facility is a local hangout thanks to one of the area’s most unique playground and picnic areas overlooking the runways and two fun restaurants, The Downwind and the 57th Fighter Group Restaurant. PDK has become a family treat for the area.


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