Local resident expert’s take on the Brookhaven market

Brookhaven-real-estate-reviewWhat a year for Brookhaven real estate! Increased demand, limited supply, and sustained low interest rates were the recipe for a successful 2013 and a very encouraging outlook for 2014. So, I think everyone is getting the point that the real estate market is on the upswing (finally), but why do all these buyers want to live in this Brookhaven area of Atlanta? Brookhaven has risen higher thanks to an energized community excited by a new cityhood. In fact, the City of Brookhaven just celebrated it’s 1st birthday! Hooray! No longer an afterthought tagalong wedged between Buckhead, Sandy Springs, and Dunwoody, Brookhaven has its own identity now. Builders and investors are gobbling up as much land as they can to keep up with the growing demand for new homes in the new city. After 5+ years of eroding values throughout metro Atlanta, Brookhaven finds itself weathered well and thriving.

According to the FMLS listing service, Brookhaven saw 862 sales in 2013, but how many sold before they hit the market? “Coming Soon” signs are the new “Just Listed” signs, and everyone’s catching on. You better be quick if you want to grab the next hot property! Under $250,000 homes represented a little over 200 of those 862 homes sold as investors and bargain hunters gobbled up as much as they could. Homes in the $251,000 – $500,000 price range made up 424 sales, which gives credence to this resurgent market and the escalating price point in the area. Amazingly there were more $500,000+ sales than there were under $250,000 sales in the Brookhaven area of Atlanta. Neighborhoods such as Ashford Park, Drew Valley, Brookhaven Fields, and Brookhaven Heights led the charge in home sales while the classic Brittany Club core communities of Brittany, Oglethorpe Estates, Cambridge Park, and Hampton Hall all performed well in 2013. The best way to be on the inside is to contact a Brookhaven Central expert today so we can be on the lookout for you and to ensure you don’t miss something special.

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